IGNOU DAFE (BFEF101) Project Work


One of the course components in DAFE programme is the completion of project work (prerevised DAFE programme). In the course of the DAFE programme, you need to keep in touch with your Coordinator at the Study Centre for assigning a Project Work Supervisor.
You have to take necessary guidance from your Supervisor to initiate and complete all the formalities for the project work. The learner has the option to prepare DAFE project work (BFEP-101) by choosing any one of the options given below. Sample templates are provided in the Project Module BFEP-101 as well as the Programme Guide.

Choose the options wherever you can use secondary source of information from websites/e-library in the form of reports/journals/books/blogs/OERs):

Option I: Small project work based on data collection;
Option II:
• Case study of an individual/family;
• Case study of an institution in your locality
• Survey report of health care facilities in your block/district/town
Option III:
• Report of an exposure/field visit
• Directory of local non-governmental organisations
• A write up on a relevant topic with appropriate references
Option IV: Report of a community organization programme on health related issues
Option V: Development of an awareness package through an innovative intervention strategy or method
Option VI: Preparation of an education aid/kit.

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