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• Design a small study on the role of digital platforms in the education sector in the
lockdown period.
• Design a small study on the role of community in supporting the vulnerable
population affected by Corona Virus.

• The learners are expected to prepare the Project Report based on the approved Project proposal as per the project guidelines. The Project guidelines will be the same as contained in project guidelines booklet (Handbook on MSWP 001) sent with SLM.
It is also uploaded on e-gyankosh.

• The learners may ensure that while submitting the final project through Online Mode, the Proposal Proforma is duly approved in original, along with “Synopsis” and Biodata of the project guide and originality certificate is duly signed by both the Student and the Project Guide with date to be incorporated.
• The learners are required to obtain digitally approval in prescribed proforma of the Guide/Supervisor through e-mail before submitting the project through online.
For seeking the approval of Synopsis, the project proposal can be forwarded to the concerned Guide/Supervisor.

• The learners may ensure that the Original Project Report is to be scanned in a single pdf format file for one Subject/Course, so as to enable the Regional Centre / Student Evaluation Division to download the same in a single pdf format file for further action.
• The first page of the pdf file must carry the correct particulars of the learner as given below:
o Title of the Project Report / Dissertation
o Name of the Learner
o Programme Code
o Enrolment Number
o Regional Centre Code
o Course Code(s)/of attached project
o Mobile No. & E- mail ID
In case the project report is not found in order, it shall be returned to the student for resubmission after correction/completion.
• In case of any query with regard to submitted Project/Dissertation/Field Work Journal/Internship report, the students are advised to write to the respective Regional Centre’s Email ID/SED (Project Section) Email ID.

For fieldwork and Project Work, students can:

· Do telephonic survey
· Prepare an Online survey and collect data from various stakeholders
· Browse internet and read various online resources
· Read newspapers
· Watch TV News
· Listen to IRCs/Gyan Darshan
· Refer to Magazines/books etc.
· Attend Webinars