IGNOU PGDAE MAEL-001 Practical Work

IGNOU PGDAE (MAEL-001) Practical Work can be provided by us.

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The PGDAE (MAEL-001) Practical Work provided will have 100% approval surety. This surety is due to

  •  Genuine work
  • According to guidelines
  • Good Methodology

Checked by professional experts in their specializations.

The community-based practical activities are listed and organised under two parts as follows :

A. Compulsory Activities (2 Credits): Following are the compulsory activities which are to be performed by each student.
Activity-Al: Conducting a survey of a community, local institutions and government programmes (0.6 Credits).
Activity-A2: Conducting a survey of career interests of degree college students and their interests in involving themselves in adult education activities in the community (0.2 Credits).
Activity-A3(a): Internet browsing and commenting upon ten given websites (0.2 Credits).
Activity-A3(b): Organising campaign(s) for promotion of awareness and functionality in the community (0.2 Credits).
Activity-A4(a): Community networking and information dissemination by holding a meeting and showing the giken websites (0.4 Credits).
Activity-A4(b): Observing, as a participant or as an outside observer, any training programme(s) organised for field functionaries (0.4 Credits).
Activity-AS: Seeking intervention of implenienting agencies of formal, non-formal and adult education programmes (0.2 Credits).
Activity-A6: Establishing a professional network of student colleagues (peer group) and professionals/experts (0.4 Credits).

B. Optional Activities (1 Credit): Following are the optional activities out of which each student has to perform any selected activities which together art. worth one credit.
Activity-B 1: Gathering and addressing the community on a community issue/problem/evil. (0.2 Credits).
Activit:. 123. Facilitating establishment of an Adult Education Centre/Continuing Education Centre in the community (0.3 Credits).
Activity-B3: Organising a community talk (Lecture), a debate or a panel discussion in the community (0.3 Credits).
Activity-B4: Organising a quiz programme in the community (0.3 Credits).
Activity-B5: Organising discussion group(s) in the community (0.2 Credits).
Activity-B6: Organising a field trip or tour for the commuinity (0.5 Credits).

Activity-B7: Organising visits by funtionery(ies) of development and/or welfare programmes or bv specialist(s) for promotion of a sustainable development ,practice in the community (0.2 Credits).
Activ ity-B8: Observing thc functioning of a coaching centre or study circle coaching the students for entrance examamination to professional courses or any competitive examination for position of public service ( 0.2 Credits).
Activity-B9: Promoting any socially useful and/or productive activity of student own’s interest/choice in the community (0.2 Credits).

As mentioned elsewhere above, you will perform each of the comnlunity-based activities under the help and guidance of a mentor/guide/facilitator. The report you prepare for each activity will be authenticated by the mentor/guide/facilitator concerned to the effect that the activity was actually undertaken by you in the community. As you are aware your mentor/guide/facilitator is 4 a person identified by you according to your choice. In order to facilitate identification of a mentor/guide/facilitator for these activities,

you can see the Table 2 given below

Table 3: Who could be your mentor/guide/facilitator for your community-based practical activties?

Download PGDAE MAEL001 Practical Handbook