IGNOU PGDAB MAMP058 Project Synopsis


IGNOU PGDAB-MAMP058 Project Synopsis: Projecthelpline.in is a trusted name of the project’s synopsis helpline team. We have been helping since 1997 through projecthelpline.in.  is truly dedicated to projects for IGNOU University. we also provide a project and synopsis for the PGDAB in IGNOU.

Guidelines for PGDAB MAMP058 Project Synopsis:

  • Preparation of Synopsis
    • Introduction:
    • Rationale
    • Objectives
    • Research Methodology
    • Research Limitation
    • then after the Submission of the Synopsis
  • Preparation Report
    • Cover Page – Must have the Name and Enrolment number of the Student and the Name of the Guide, along with the Title of the Project.
    • Detailed table of contents with page numbers.
    • All pages of the Project Report must be numbered as reflected in the table of contents.
    • Approved Proposal (i.e. Project Proposal, approved proforma, and bio-data of the guide)
    • properly bound in the project and not just stapled. Please note that a project with stapled
    • The proposal will not be accepted.
    • Certificate of originality- duly signed by the student and the guide with dates.
  • Characterisation
    • Introduction
    • Research Methodology
    • Results and Discussion
    • Summary and Conclusion
    • Recommendations
    • (vi) Limitations of the Project, Direction for further research (optional)
    • Reference/Bibliography
    • Annexures/Appendices (Questionnaire used etc.)
    • then after the Submission of the Project report

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