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Translation Project (MTTP-001)

Students will have to do practical translation under the translation project. In courses 1 to 3, you have practiced translation in the reading process. But under this translation project, you have to translate some detailed content. This project has to be translated and submitted to the university within the stipulated time.

This translation should be done by you by yourself and sincerely. The translation project is actually both your translation practice and exam. So the diligence and honesty done in this will be very useful in developing your translation skills.

How to do the project

Read the material you received for translation once in its entirety. This will help you understand what topic it is about and what it mainly says. After this, sort out those words and expressions in this material whose meanings or Hindi synonyms you do not know. Note down these words on a piece of paper and note which dictionaries you need to look up according to the subject of the intransitive material. Note the synonyms of those words in the appropriate boxes.

Now read the translated material once again. Consider whether this time you understand it better or not. If you don’t understand a part, read it again and find out where the difficulty lies — in understanding the meaning of the words or in understanding the syntax, read it again.

In this way, after understanding the meaning of the translated material very well, start translating it. syntax of the target language

Do according to nature. That is, your composed sentence should sound as if you are not translating but writing in the original form in the target language. This will happen only if your syntax is consistent and comfortable with the speech style of the target language rather than imitating what is said in the source language. After translating an initial paragraph or a page of the project material, compare your translation with the original material and see that your translation conveys the same meaning as stated in the original statement. Improve your translation if you see a difference. Translate further after being completely sure. After translating the next paragraph/page again repeat the same checking process and keep on translating.

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