IGNOU PGDINDS MISP021 Project Synopsis


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(1) Objective
The objective of the project is to help the student develop an ability to apply engineering and
technological concepts, tools, and techniques to study and attempt to solve any engineering or system
problem-related to Industrial Safety.

(2) Prerequisite
Students can take up a Project Course at the beginning of the Programme.

(3) Types of Project
The project may be from any of the following types:
(i) Comprehensive case study (covering any engineering system related to Industrial Safety).
(ii) Industrial Safety related field oriented analysis and/or design problems (such as the design of
mechanical engineering elements/equipment, industrial/engineering processes and systems).
(iii) Engineering management for Industrial Safety
(iv) Repair and maintenance of mechanical/electrical equipment related to Industrial Safety.

(4) Format of Synopsis
(1) Title of the Project
(2) Objective of the study
(3) Rationale of the study
(4) Detailed Methodology to be used for carrying out the study
(5) The expected contribution from the study
(6) List of activities to be carried out to complete the Project (with the help of a bar chart showing
the schedule)
(7) Places/Labs/Equipment and Tools required and planning of arrangements
(8) Problems envisaged in carrying out the project, if any.

(5) Format of Final Project Report
(1) Title of the project
(2) Objective of the study
(3) Methodology of the study
(4) Statement of the problem
(5) Input/data/structure/questionnaire
(6) Analysis/solution/description
(7) Final results
(9) Conclusion
(10) Scope of future study
(11) Bio-data of the student (One Page)


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