UPES Power Management Project Synopsis


UPES Power Management Project Synopsis: Projecthelpline.in is a trusted name of the project’s synopsis helpline team. We are helping since 1997 through projecthelpline.in is truly dedicated to projects for UPES University. We also provide a project and synopsis UPES for Power Management Course.

Guidelines for the Preparation of dissertation synopsis:

The following guidelines and format of the synopsis must be submitted after having chosen the subject matter and topic of the project work. The students are advised to strictly follow the guidelines and format while giving a strong emphasis on the goals of the Dissertation to be achieved.

  1. Title of the Dissertation/Topic – (Related to the domain of the study)
  2. Introduction including the background of the proposed study- (200 Words Approx.)
  3. Review of the literature (— Words Approx.)
  4. Problem statement – (— Words Approx.)
  5. Need for the research – what prompts you to do the research? (— Words Approx.)
  6. Objectives – there may be so many dimensions to the research problem, but one may not have
    enough resources or time to study all dimensions. So, one lists the objectives to, in fact, draw the
    boundary for the research work.
  7. Research methodology: – Explains Method, tools, etc. for the study (— Words Approx.)
  8. Sources of data – Primary or secondary or both kinds of data may be used. What could be
    the probable sources of the secondary data applicable to the research?
  9. Sampling – in case primary data is to be collected, the technique of collection needs to be
    explained (— Words approx.)
  10. The expected outcome of the study (— Words Approx.)
  11. Bibliography

Guidelines for dissertation:

The Dissertation Report will be prepared in the format given below:

  1. Cover and Title page
  2. Acknowledgment
  3. The declaration was given by the Supervisor
  4. Table of Contents
  5. List of Tables and Illustrations
  6. List of Figures
  7. Executive Summary/ Abstract
  8. Chapters
  9. Bibliography
  10. Appendix
UPES Power Management Project Synopsis

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