IGNOU MCA MCSP-232 Project Synopsis


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• Describe the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
• Evaluate systems requirements.
• Complete a problem definition.
• Evaluate a problem definition.
• Determine how to collect information to determine requirements.
• Work on data collection methods for fact finding.
• Construct and evaluate different analysis models including traditional models such as DFDs,
ERD. In case, you are using Object Oriented Approach for your project development, draw
different UML diagrams to represent system analysis and design.
• Provide process description in the form of structured English or decision tables or decision trees.
• Evaluate alternative tools for the analysis process.
• Create and evaluate such alternative graphical tools as systems flow charts and state transition diagrams.
• Decide the software requirement specifications and hardware requirement specifications.
• Plan the systems design phase of the SDLC.
• Distinguish between logical and physical design requirements.
• Design and evaluate system outputs.
• Design and evaluate systems inputs.
• Design and evaluate validity checks for input data.
• Design and evaluate user interfaces for input.
• Design and evaluate file structures to include the use of indexes.
• Estimate storage requirements.
• Explain the various file update processes based on the standard file organizations.
• Decide various data structures.
• Construct and evaluate data models like entity-relationship (ER) diagrams for RDBMS related projects.
• Perform normalization for the un-normalized tables for RDBMS related projects.
• Decide the various processing systems to include, you may select from distributed, client/server, online, cloud-based systems
• Schedule projects using both GANTT and PERT charts.
• Perform coding for the project.
• Documentation requirements and prepare and evaluate systems documentation.
• Perform various systems testing techniques/strategies to include the phases of testing.
• Systems implementation and its key problems.
• Generate various reports.
• Be able to prepare and evaluate a final report.
• To decide the future scope and further enhancement of the system.
• Work effectively as an individual or as a team member to produce correct, efficient, well organized and documented programs in a reasonable time.
• Recognize problems that are amenable to computer solutions, and knowledge of the tools necessary for solving such problems.
• Develop of the ability to assess the implications of work performed.
• Get good exposure and command in one or more application areas and on the software
• Develop quality software using the software engineering principles.
• Develop of the ability to communicate effectively.

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