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Research Project
Given below are some important steps which you should follow while preparing your Project Report.
1) Research Project and its Structure

The study can be a critical analysis of a text book, or a film, or newspaper report/s, or article/s, or a case study, or a study which primarily involves the area of your interest. It may involve discussion and analysis based on the theoretical concepts you have studied, or empirical work. Some research projects may be based on humanities related areas, such as a critical feminist analysis of a work of fiction or a film, while others may draw from the social sciences. Depending on the type of study and your own interests, you may use either of the following two structures for organizing the Project Report.
A) For Literature and other Humanities related areas:
a) Title
b) Introduction
c) Purpose of Study
d) Discussion and Critical Analysis
e) Conclusion
f) References
B) For Social Science related areas:
a) Title
b) Introduction and Statement of the Problem
c) Objectives
d) Methodology

e) Analysis
f) Conclusion and Recommendations, if any
g) References
[Kindly note that a book review cannot be a part of research project. Yes you can use a book and its theme, philosophy and ideology but have to make a critical analysis descriptive of the word limit (4000-5000 words) and comparing it with other books of the same theme, philosophy and ideology]

2) Guidelines for Developing Various Sub-Sections of the Project Report:
Depending on the type of study, you can use the guidelines listed below for the relevant sub-sections required for your research project. Refer to the two structures above to see which sub-sections are required for your study and then follow the given guidelines.

Download MWGP-001 Guidelines pdf